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About Coalition SEGA

Coalition of youth organizations SEGA is a national platform of youth organizations dedicated to lobbying for needed legislative changes as well as committed to supporting youth activism, access to information and participation of young people in activities for solution of their problems.

SEGA was unofficially established on January 20th, 2004 in order to contribute to the development and implementation of the National Youth Strategy of Macedonia and to improve the satisfaction of the needs of the youth. On the 27th of September 2004, a decision was made to formally register the Coalition as a citizen association.

The membership of the Coalition (at the moment) consists of 27 member organizations. The management structure is composed of the following bodies:

  • Assembly – composed of all member organizations;
  • Governing Board – composed of five representatives from the full members;
  • Supervisory Board – composed of three representatives.

The executive structure is organized in the Central office which is located in Prilep, 4 Regional offices in: Shtip, Ohrid, Tetovo and Skopje, as well as 2 Youth Information and Counseling Centers in Prilep and Kavadarci.

VISION of SEGA: Youth influence the changes and the development of Macedonia, participate in the decision making at national and local level for issues that directly concerns them. SEGA as a sustainable and developed youth coalition enables youth to believe in themselves, to accomplish their interests, to create and to build.

MISSION of SEGA: SEGA works on development and implementation of youth policies at local and national level, connects and strengthens youth organizations aiming to activate youth and improve the conditions for their personal and professional development in the Republic of Macedonia.

In its 14-year work SEGA has prepared number of publications, manuals and reports and has organized numerous seminars and trainings for raising awareness for the importance of youth participation and advocating for the youth needs.

About the Project:

The project “Strengthening youth engagement in local communities” is supported by the USAID’s project for civic engagement. The project is implemented in a period of 36 months (October 2017 – September 2020).

The main goal of the project is to increase youth CSOs’ influence towards citizen participation in local and national decision making, contributing toward improving of the overall status and wellbeing of young people across the country. The project goal will be achieved through applying innovative tools for detecting youth needs focused on civic participation, increasing knowledge and skills of youth CSOs to address actual needs of young people which will improve the understanding of youth participation in the local community.

The project introduces Youth Development Index Macedonia, as new and innovative tool for addressing youth needs at all levels. The project is implemented in cooperation with the Agency of youth and sports.